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What is important to know about studens housing Amsterdam

Student housing Amsterdam is a great option for students looking to study in the city. Whether you’re coming from abroad or just moving within the Netherlands, student housing can help make your transition much smoother. With student housing, you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect place in Amsterdam, as student housing is specifically designed for student life.

Rules and regulations

When it comes to student housing Amsterdam, there are a variety of rules and regulations that one must abide by. Most student dwellings have a curfew which requires tenants to be inside their premises by 10 PM every night. Furthermore, most student dwellings have strict noise policies that prohibit anyone from making loud noises at night or during certain hours of the day. Additionally, student dwellings also prohibit smoking and having any type of pet inside their premises. It is important for student tenants to be aware and understand all these rules before moving into student housing Amsterdam.

Cleaning and mainting

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining student housing Amsterdam, there are specific obligations that tenants must follow too. Generally speaking, it is expected of tenants to keep their student dwelling clean and tidy while they live there; otherwise they may be charged extra fees or evicted due to breaking house rules. Aside from regular cleaning duties, tenants are also expected to take care of any repairs needed in their student dwelling such as plumbing problems or electrical issues.


To ensure safety within student dwellings, certain security measures should also be taken into consideration by both landlords and tenants alike. For instance, many student dwellings require their tenants to install a fire alarm system in order to alert everyone if there is a fire hazard present in the property. Furthermore, landlords usually require all doors and windows of student dwellings be kept closed when not being used in order for greater security against theft or break-ins by strangers.

Ultimately, when choosing a suitable student accommodation in Amsterdam it’s important for prospective tenants research thoroughly about the different types of dwellings available before committing themselves into signing any contracts with landlords or agencies offering them such services; Additionally it’s vital that tenant familiarize themselves with all the rules associated with their chosen residence since not following them could lead them into legal trouble down the line as well as having serious financial implications as fines associated with rule violations tend to be quite hefty at times; nonetheless if one follows all rules diligently then they will surely have an enjoyable experience living in Amsterdam while being surrounded by other students likeminded individuals who view this wonderful city as a unique opportunity for growth and learning!